About Us

At Conci, we understand what customer service means. We routinely go beyond the call of duty – often without our contractor or the customer often even knowing that we’ve taken extra care to make certain the finished paint or finish project looks the best it can be and will last well into the future.

Construction sites are very busy places and coordination of the various trades can lead to many challenges. Perhaps one of the most common issues we face – even in cases of brand new drywall – is surface preparation. All Conci team members are empowered to take extra steps to ensure that the surface area to be painted or coated is in excellent condition. The key to a beautiful and lasting paint job is preparation.

At Conci, we take PREPARATION seriously before painting or coating any surface.

As father and son operating partners, we operate the business and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing excellent craftsmanship and client service.

Conci was established to maximize our expertise and knowledge in helping meet the full spectrum of painting needs of commercial and industrial businesses. We have a wealth of knowledge on facilities of all types, with more than 45 years of combined, hands-on experience. We utilize our skilled workforce to provide industry leading service at highly competitive rates. As clients have requested a broader scope of services, we have grown and reshaped our company and service offerings to meet these needs with special expertise in floor coverings, restoration and faux finishes.

From our family and business to yours — thank you for choosing Conci. We look forward to our next project together and, if history is any guide, the next and next. We are honored to be considered your ‘go-to company’ for all of your painting and special coating or finish requirements.

Dedicated to Safety

CAMComp Siver Award for Safety

" We are so pleased to announce that your company has won our Silver Safety Award! With over 300 members, your company has achieved 10 - 20 consecutive years of a "Perfect Safety Record. This award shows the dedication and commitment to cultivating a positive safety culture. We couldn't be happier for you! "

-CAMComp Board of Trustees and Staff

If the partners in Conci Painting are father and son named Tom and Joe Derdelakos, where did the name Conci come from?

"We chose the name Conci because that is my mother's maiden name and no one pays closer attention to what you do and how you do it, than your mother. She is a marvelous woman and very particular about everything she does, it has to be just so. Accordingly, we thought naming the business after her would be an honor she deserves and would remind us that every project just might be inspected by her so it has to be perfect. Besides, trying to spell Derdelakos over the phone took up a little too much time, so we went with the abbreviated name with special meaning to us all and so Conci Painting was born. Excellence in our performance is not just good business, it's a personal expectation."

-Joe Derdelakos, Partner in Conci Painting, Inc.